A little note

I have been writing in an notebook lately. It is one of the most wonderful idea my mom told me. Cause I can do whatever I want in it. I write about my anger, grief, sadness, happiness. I can draw things or put some pictures. I also write quotes if there is something that I want to remember. I also have money in it. It has come to be an very important thing for me. There I can be very personal and write about everything and you know that no one will see it. If I knew how amazing this was then I would large-1have started a long time ago. Cause there is so many things, moments, memories that I can’t remember. And that could have helped me!  One day I will eventually translate everything to english so I can publish something here. So I can have everything at one place. That is something that I want to do before this year is over, but I can’t promise anything!

I’m not sure if I will write something until I move. I feel that I have to spend most of my time with my family and friends. And I’m also going on vacation on Friday with my mother.

I hope everyone have an amazing summer! Enjoy life and spend a lot of time with your family and friends. And I hope that you will get a lot of good memories this summer.


A new chapter in my life

I thought that everything was going pretty good. I felt like is was myself again. I have started to hang out with my best friend again. Almost everyday for several of hours. I was finally starting to be or act like an normal teenager. I have never done that. I have always had so much stuff to handle with that I always had to grow up. Take care of myself. I have never felt this happy as I can remember. Is it just because I’m largemoving soon or is it the medicine? I want this happiness to continue and just block out all the negative emotions forever. But I have found out how deep and dark I am. I have learned a lot of myself. I love the darkness, sad music, dark colors, being alone, think a lot about stuff. I have always been wondering about life and death. Can this be a reason for that I have struggled with depression, but of course there’s a lot more to come with it. Like my mother’s depression, my sorrows.

But right now I feel ready. I want to explore more about the world and life. I want to find more about myself! I’m soon moving out. I will move to another city. This is one of the most important task that I had taken. If I didn’t do this now, I can’t imagine how this would have been then. But I am actually looking forward go move to get away from family and everyone. This will my new start of life.

A new chapter!