What do I want to do?

To be an student can be difficult. You get challenged on many different sides, psychical and mentally. Many students moves away from their hometown, their family and the safe environment. Why are we doing that?

largeI have thought a lot these past few days on why have I pushed myself to do this? Is this what I want to do? And what will I get out of this?

I have challenged myself each day since I moved across the country to study Economy and leadership. I was totally focused and school was my first priority. It started very good, actually surprising too well. I changed my lifestyle, where I trained three days in a week and changed my diet. I cut out all sugar and junk food, and added more fruit and vegetable. I used my free time on studying my subjects every single day.

I didn’t have time to get a break and relax to just be me. Because school what the first priority. I can totally say that I overworked and it ended up with that my body said stop. large-1Why did I do that to myself? Haven’t I learned anything yet?

I should have learned about it now. But my problem is that when I got things put on the first list, I had to finish it, no matter what. I can easily just take my other priorities away and just focus on that.

So these past few weeks I have thought if this is what I wanna do? Do I want to feel like an inhuman and just take it as it is or do I want to be free and really find myself and my goals?

What’s the meaning with life, when you got no clue on what your goals are?