Bad feeling

I have had a bad feeling all day. I didn’t know if it was that I slept too long or too short, low energy or if it could be my emotions. I just woke up and knew that today it is gonna be horrible, but I didn’t know what would come.

I was in class and just felt confused and empty. Just couldn’t focus on what the teacher said, I was just lost in my own thoughts. I knew that something was wrong. I could feel some sort of pain that I didn’t had control over. Then after few minutes a friend of me tries to call me, but I couldn’t answer it. I knew then, it was something important. When someone calls me, then something has happened.

I had only twenty minutes left of the class and I decided to check the news. There I see a familiar car and a tittle “19 year old critical hurt in a car crash”. Just when I read that I knew that this was it. This is why I had this bad feeling all day. My mind just went numb and my heart broke. I just can’t believe it!

So today has been challenging and terrible. I just hate this day. I know there is nothing that I can do with it then support my friend and pray that she will be ok…


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