Expectation for second year

Then I start my second year at college, two out of three years. This winter I’m half finished with the bachelor! I have understood more of being a student and learned from my mistakes. I can not exactly say that the first year has gone painless, because I’ve had challenges throughout the year, but I’m not good either when it’s going to be able to sit down and just learn.


As you know, I have hypothyroidism, which means that I can not get the results I want in a simple way. I have symptoms where the concentration is easily absent or that I only manage small sessions. I’m really struggling to just start doing a session and stay out for 1 hour. Another symptom I’ve annoyed is that I have not so much memory anymore, as I would have liked. I struggle to remember a few sentences just after I read them. So I do not understand how to learn to learn, because I see no improvement.

But as I said, I’m going to get better and to do that I have to get more organized. I will have small sessions in 1 hour each day, where I work on a subject whether it is what I have reviewed from today’s lecture or whether it is an improvement to tomorrow’s lecture. I will have pennies where all the notes are going into, for more overview of everything. And not least, be better off asking for help. In the first year, I have taken it all too easily thinking that this is easy and thus easy to learn by myself. Thus, I can either ask the lecturer or send mail. As mentioned, they are the ones who have answered and it is the ones who make the exam. It’s not always advisable to look for the answer online and just think that’s the right one. Most often they can overcomplicate the terms and you still remain empty.

Thus I will be more organized, take small sessions every day and ask for help. I hope it can bring me better results than it has done this year. But it’s like being a student, you’re learning on the road and we’re lucky enough to fix those mistakes!


How is it to have hypothyroidism?

Having hypothyroidism or low metabolism can be easy to live with, but when the symptoms are there and that the disease is quite new, there are challenges.
I received hypothyroidism in 2013, which means I was quite young compared to what is normal. On average, people get the disease at around 40 years of age, and most women.
Everyone experiences it differently, but there are many symptoms with this disease.
* Lack of energy, fatigue
* Hoarseness
* Weight gain
* Dry hair, dry skin, crispy nails
* Unemployed, depressed, discouraged
* Sensible, easy-touched
* Constipation
* Muscle and joint pain
* Sleep problems
* Freezes easily
* Sensitivity to sound, light, noise
* Problems with concentration and memory

What is important is to find the balance of the medication in order to get rid of the symptoms or improve the quality of life. It is also important to check the values ​​often by taking blood samples to make sure that the values ​​are high or low. This is because this disease is because I have a chronic infection of the thyroid gland, which means that if the doctor finds that I need to increase the dose of medicine, it may mean that the medicine does not have enough effect and the infection begins to destroy thyroid.

Now I have had the disease for almost 4 years and still have a long way to go. There are always some new symptoms that comes and goes, but I also need to increase the dose approximately once a year. It can be hard to get the disease in balance, it is known that it may take many years before everything is normal.

It has been a long challenge that I do not have enough energy. That I can do things for about 2 hours before I have to have a long break because I get quickly exhausted. I have not managed to have enough energy to exercise out before last autumn, where I exercise 3 days a week. I even had to get exemption from gymnastics at school because I had so many symptoms of being active.


Another challenge has been that I can quickly get depressed, as you can see through this page that it has been the main focus ever since. I have become very sensitive and my mood can very quickly turn to be depressed. But when I’m doing well, I can do it very well. Now I would like to say that with emotions it is my hardest challenges because I can quickly get depressed and just give up. I can quickly shut me in and stay there for a while because I can not handle the situation among people. But that’s when it’s good to have this page. But also having lack of energy and fatigue has started to get worse again, where I have to take long breaks and maybe sleep a little in the middle of the day to recharge. (But I received a message from the previous blood test that I had to increase the dose).

The main point of hypothyroidism is that you must have patience, regardless of whether you are, or are relatives. I can see for myself that relatives can think it’s hard for things to happen as fast as it happens. It is that you have to be good at telling the doctor about symptoms and having a good routine of taking blood samples, and then it will get better. The disadvantage of this disease is the risk of having other chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism, but also others. This is a disease that I will have for the rest of my life, and that means I just have to accept it. But do not take it too seriously, get to know your body and feel when I have to pull back a little to relax. But also do the usual activities that I did before I got sick.

I’m back!

Hi guys!


I just wanted to say I’ve taken a break since June, because I had to get control of all feelings, but also the body. It has been difficult time from Mai and beyond, but this will probably be a post of eventually. But as I said, I’m back and have planned a little, I will be going out once a week, which will say every Friday. There will still be posts about feelings and challenges yet, because that’s what I started with here. But it has also been important for me to make it clear that you can talk about it. It will also come a little bit different about my life, being a student and maybe dreaming for the future.

So just keep reading and in a week there will be a new post.
Thank you for reading, it means so much to me!