About me

I’m on a mission to take the fear out of sharing your message. You are not going thru depression or grieving alone. You are valuable in this world even if you probably think I’m wrong, but I will prove to you that this is not the end. This is not how it ends.

I’m Anne Cecilie and I am a student, who has gone thru depression and a very difficult grief the past seven years. You will see that I’m not perfect, but I will be honest with you. I am studying economy and leadership, and it’s my second year. But thru all the stress about school, there will always be something waiting for me when I’m done. 

I decided to start this blog because I want to reach out to you. I want to help those who are in the beginning or the end of depression or grieves. These past seven years, I learnt a lot about feelings and mental health. And now, it it my time to share my story to you, and hopefully change someones life.

This blog is for those who have a depression or going thru a loss and wants to get heard by someone. You have a voice, and on this site you can say whatever you want, and my job is to listen. But this blog is a place where you can connect yourself to what the posts are about. And hopefully help you on the way.

If you want to be heard and don’t have no one to talk to, then there is a newsletter where you can write whatever you want. You can reach me: annececilieblog@gmail.com


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